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The Kathy Keats Show

Hosted by: Kathy Keats

What do Border Collies, basketballs, and life have in common? Humbling, hilarious, instructive and inspiring lessons on pursuing excellence on the court, in dog sport and in life.

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4 Types of Focus and Why Your Performance Depends On Them

Did you know there are four types of focus and you are going to have a tendency toward a particular type? And do you know the strengths and weaknesses of that type will affect you under pressure? In this episode,...
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Scott Glen Interview - A perspective from a top competitor in the sheepdog world

If you’d like to support the show and keep it ad-free, click here. ☺️ Scott Glen has won almost everything there is to win in the sheepdog world with multiple dogs, as well as being a part of the Canadian team that...
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A Lack Of Talent Isn't The Problem

Many people wonder why they aren't getting better faster and blame it on lack of talent. In this episode, I talk about a different way to think about training time and training quality.
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The Most Important 20% (Or How to Get Results Faster)

Do you know the critical skills in your sport that produce the vast majority of your results (for the level you are at)? Learn how to look for and narrow down your focus to the pieces that will improve your...
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Did I Just Sabotage Myself?

Are you sure that mistake was self-sabotage? Learn more about recognizing and changing self-sabotaging behaviour.
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The Variable You Aren't Training For (But Should Be)

Do you ever wonder why your performance doesn't match up to your skill level...or why you are so anxious even when you have great skills? Training to perform is different from training to build a skill. If you aren't...
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3 Habits of Elite Dog Handlers

In this first episode, I set the stage for upcoming episodes... ...and share how a legendary agility handler applied high performance training principles during a quick training session and why it set her...
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