Scott Glen Interview - A perspective from a top competitor in the sheepdog world

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Scott Glen has won almost everything there is to win in the sheepdog world with multiple dogs, as well as being a part of the Canadian team that won silver at the World Sheepdog Trial.

Lots of tidbits for both the novice and experienced competitor and things to ponder for dog trainers in general.

In this episode:

  • staying calm under pressure
  • evaluating stockdogs and youngsters
  • Scott's thoughts on *presence* in a trainer
  • balance in herding and in dog training in general
  • the importance of stockmanship
  • thoughts on some of his great dogs
  • ...and much more!

You can find out more about Scott and Jenny Glen and what they have to offer by checking out their website at Alta-Pete Stocksdogs and make sure to follow their Facebook page Alta-Pete Stockdogs.


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