I Stand With Dr. Ford

Right now, I’m enraged.

And I'm looking at you, the powers that be.

This isn’t about somebody’s job interview anymore. This is goes much deeper.

This is about the integrity of our political, societal and cultural systems. This is about who we want to be.

This is about deciding what messages we, especially as women (but men as well), are going to accept, what vision we want of our world, and what we are willing to stand up for in life.

The message that has just been sent out to us is this:

If we (survivors) choose to come forward, we must prove beyond reasonable doubt that we deserve an investigation.

This is different from ‘prove beyond a reasonable doubt' the accused is guilty and should therefore be punished.

We must prove we are worthy of being believed (and must go through hell to do so).

Dr. Ford courageously came forth with very little to gain and a lot to lose because she believed those who served the highest court in the country...

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